Rival Stars Horse Racing Apk For Android [2022 Updated]httpsvoiceazm.com
Rival Stars Horse Racing Apk For Android [2022 Updated]httpsvoiceazm.com

Rival Stars Horse Racing Apk For Android [2022 Updated]

With their magnificent and powerful horses, Rival Stars Horse Racing Apk delivers the most enjoyable and exhilarating experience for everyone. Additionally, the game has management or building components that help players improve their own life or set up favourable conditions for the development of the horses. Users will gradually gain access to more information on horse racing or competitions, which will increase their delight even as they successfully complete the most challenging tasks.

What is Rival Stars Horse Racing Apk?

Horse racing is a popular sport in many nations, including the United States, Australia, and other parts of Europe. Horse racing is not comparable to basketball or football, but it does bring drama and excitement to audiences at each track. Alongside horse racing, there are frequently many betting options. Therefore, there is a considerable amount of reward money for this sport. If you wish to compete in horse races, you can play the game Rival Stars Horse Racing Apk from MyAppsBundle right now.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Apk For Android [2022 Updated]
Rival Stars Horse Racing Apk For Android [2022 Updated]
A respected firm, PIKPOK, released this game. They go to tremendous measures to give players the best graphics and content possible. They’re probably already known to you if you’ve played Into the Dead 2.


Naturally, as an athlete, you must maintain control of your mount and surpass your competitors in order to reach the finish line. Flat racing is the preferred style in Rival Stars Horse Racing Apk. The endurance of the competitors and the horses is put to the test on a smooth, obstacle-free course.

App Details

Name Rival Stars Horse Racing
Size 767.0 MB
Version v1.32.1
Package Name com.pikpok.hrc.play
Developer PIKPOK
Category Games/Racing
Price Free
Minimal Support Required 6.0 and Above

Two arrow keys are located on the left side of the screen and are used to control the game. You may guide the horse to travel in the same direction by swiping to the sides (in the left half). There are virtual keys for accelerating and slowing down on the right side of the screen. If you need to move swiftly throughout the crucial parts of the race, maintain the energy bar above the screen full and press the Sprint key. Use the Slow Down button after sprinting to give your horse a minute to catch his breath. The energy bar will fill up faster as a result.

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Key Features of Rival Stars Horse Racing Apk

  • By creating a beautiful horse rance that suits your preferences and breeding new breeds,
  • you can begin a rewarding career as a horse caretaker or racer.
  • Spend time working with the horse, riding it, and training it. Giving the horse his favourite
  • meals or performing deeds of kindness might strengthen your bond with him even further.
  • Participate in the most competitive races with other players and demonstrate excellent
  • horsemanship to collect awards that are essential for moving on.
  • By competing with your preferred horses in rural competitions or other riding-skills
  • focused events, you can beat previous competitors’ records.
  • To achieve better results, crossbreed novel horse species or genes with easily accessible
  • horses or animals from friends’ ranches. Profitable breeds can even be sold at auction.

Final Words

The many debates and notable features indicate that Rival Star’s horse racing game is excellent. If you have a large stable full of horses, you can train, feed, and compete with them. Never forget that becoming an excellent horse rider is the ultimate goal. so that you can enjoy your gaming more. Enjoy your newfound status as a top rider by grabbing the free premium features that Rival Stars Horse Racing Apk offers you right away.

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